10 years of waiting

miscarriage infertility 10 years of waiting foster to adopt

God knew my heart needed you
"We've been married for almost 10 years. We knew as soon as we got married we wouldn't put off having a family for long...we both love children, come from large families and couldn't wait to get started on our own. We had two miscarriages the first year we were married. The second one was incredibly complicated and I was hospitalized for several days. The doctors expressed concern over the nature of the miscarriage and wanted to send us for tests. We put them off as we were young and had a lifetime ahead of us. We continued to have several more miscarriages, resulting in extensive fertility tests. After a lot of painful tests, many visits to specialists and a LOT of tears, we were told we would never get pregnant. In fact, the specialists were shocked we had suffered miscarriages, and told us those miscarriages alone are miracles. They told us short of another miracle, we would never biologically have a child. They told us we could go through treatments and trials, but it was incredibly unlikely anything would help us. They sent us home, discouraged and shattered, left trying to put the pieces back together. 
We prayed and believed that God would give us a child and let us be a family. We have clung to each other and the promise that God never fails. After 8 years of marriage, we became licensed foster parents. We felt led down the foster care and adoption road, all the while believing God could and would give us a child. We are about to make our first foster placement legally our son in a few weeks and although we know God can give us a miracle baby at any time and is more than able, we believe He blessed us with the child we have always longed for when he sent us our son. We still carry the scars and heartache of infertility with us. We still hurt from our losses. We still feel shattered some days. But we also feel more complete than we've ever felt, because of a little boy. Many people tell us that he is so blessed to have found us. They got it all wrong... we are so blessed to have been given him. We can finally say we are thankful for our journey through infertility because it led us to a beautiful chapter and our son."
- Charity O.
@charity.mariie on instagram 


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