We’re sure you’ve noticed, but there’s been a lot of noise lately about the Instagram changes, and a million and one graphics and accounts asking users to turn on their post notifications for said accounts. Incase you really haven’t heard about the impending algorithm change, Instagram will soon be changing feeds from chronological order to a more strategic order of posts based on the accounts and photos you interact with the most. Upon this announcement, it seemed that an Instagram apocalypse was upon us, but we’re here to encourage some peace amongst the chaos that is change.

We are here right now to ask you to please do not turn those notifications on. Turn ‘em off on everything. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, anything that can zap your attention in that moment. Let’s turn them off together and let’s all be more present.

It's so easy to be home and be mentally occupied by social media, work, chores, etc. Sometimes I fall into this trap myself, and I have to remind myself to set boundaries to ensure that nothing distracts me from what's most important to me - my family. I used to set notifications and encourage it, but I've learned from experience it is oftentimes better to set specific times to catch up on social media, and then put it away. I refuse to let social media distract me from quality time with the people I love most.  I'll interact on social media when the time is right and keep my focus on being more present at home.

I love the way that social media allows you to be a part of the Modern Burlap family. If Instagram changes the way I believe it will, it will be more efficient at bringing relevant content you care about to the top - without notifications! As long as you're interacting with us, we will be waiting for you when you when the time is right.

Until then,
Modern Burlap

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  • Lauren : March 30, 2016

    Thank you so much for this post! You are literally the only person/page I’ve seen with this message. I had just finished turning off ALL notifications the night before the Instagram chaos began and I refuse to change that. It is a very real struggle to stay focused and present with my kids and I really appreciate your wisdom and encouragement! God bless!

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