Another week has passed (How is that? It was just Easter, wasn’t it?) and we’re gearing up for a busy but fun weekend around town. But before sugar highs (too much leftover Easter candy!) commence and at least one tantrum is sure to be thrown, we’re taking a few moments to ourselves this morning and reading through a few great blog posts and articles from this week. Take a moment to relax with us, will you?

Modern Burlap

We love Jenna Kutcher. So much. Here she shares a heartbreaking and honest reflection on miscarriage. We want to have her over for coffee and talk all day long. Praying for Jenna, and asking you to join in too.

An easy to manage Spring Cleaning checklist.

A healthy pantry checklist from one of our very favorites, The Balanced Life.


A one minute gratitude break. What do you think about this tactic? Works? Doesn’t work?

Hahah! This one made us laugh.

Oh Joy for boys - Oh Joy’s new Target collection.

Tiny but nice things you can do to brighten someone’s day (bookmark it!).

The Forest Feast for Kids. Every little bit of veggie eating encouragement helps, and this cookbook makes it simple, beautiful, and fun.


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