The weather in Texas these past couple of weeks has been absolutely perfect. We’re taking advantage of the breezy weather and ideal temperatures before the middle of summer and 100 degree temps. hit us head on! Below are a few of our current favorites that will be in rotation for weeks to come:




  1. Our oldest boy and myself are both in love with this book by Nina Chakrabarti. It’s ideally geared towards a bit older kids, but we’re still loving it the nonetheless. Filled with over 200 beautifully illustrated pages, this book takes littles on a fun and educational tour of nature. It’s a recommendation for everyone!
  2. This hat is too adorable on both of the boys. I love it for keeping the sun off of their cute faces, but also because the little reminder of ‘Good Days Always’ is right on point.
  3. Magic Butterflies from Treehouse Kid & Craft are TOO much fun! Wind them up (no batteries required!!) and watch them take off and fly. Entertainment for hours!
  4. These Tattly temporary vegetable-based ink tattoos are a huge hit with the entire extended family. It’s so fun to watch all of the little boys light up with delight once we break these out. Oh Happy Day has a cute selection for boys & girls over in her shop. Take a look, but be prepared, the littles will be asking for these all of the time!
  5. We’ve been taking this cooler bag along with us for weeks now. It’s the perfect size for little snacks and drink pouches but still small enough to not be too clunky
  6. Of course, our “You Are My Greatest Adventure” blanket has been accompanying us along on our many adventures. It’s a true reminder to me that this life is a wild, exciting, unpredictable adventure, and one that I’m so grateful to be on. Here’s to more adventures together!

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