Happy weekend friends! This week seemed to fly by, didn't it? We were busy busy behind the scenes working on some fun upcoming projects, which we cannot wait to show you so soon!

We'll be spending this weekend catching up with friends and trying to find a few moments of pure relaxation in between. Spring is always packed to the brim, isn't it? It's one of our most favorite times of the year, but we do plan on spending a few uninterrupted moments with our iPad this weekend catching up on this weeks good reads below. Tell us, what did you find funny, amusing, entertaining, or interesting this week?

Modern Burlap


A hilarious children's book that may answer all of the questions for us.


One of our favorite pictures from this week. TOO cute!


A new style box for kids that gives back.


The best advice from a father to his young boys. And a terrific idea.


Suns out, sunscreen's out. Time to brush up on how to read those confusing labels!


Google can now help your little one learn animal sounds. The 'Bowhead Whale' may be our favorite.




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