Earth Day is in two days! I’ve always found Earth Day to be such a fun day, and wish it came around more often. I’ve always loved learning more about this planet we live on, the ways in which we unfortunately harm it, and how we can help. As my boys grow older, I’m looking forward to really teaching them how to love our earth well.

This DIY floral installation from Glitter Guide looks like a fun way to celebrate Earth Day in a way that littler ones may be able to grasp a bit more and actually really enjoy. We have a lot of wild flowers (hey, some may even be weeds, but they’re pretty weeds!) growing on our property, which would be perfect for this project! All you need are some florals, jute twine, washi tape & scissors!


From there, follow the steps below to create your own floral installation. And tell us, how do you like to teach your children about the Earth? Do you have any fun Earth Day plans? We would love to know!


  1. Measure the twine against the space you want to cover, and leave extra length because you’ll need to twist the slack around the stems of your blooms.
  2. Start by trimming the stems of the blooms to about five inches, but leave as many leaves as you can because these will be used for stability for the twine.
  3. Tape each side of the twine to the wall, leaving a lot of slack in the middle.
  4. Place your flower stem against the twine, and twist the twine around the stem. Once if feels secure, you’re done. As you build, you’ll need to do this more delicately so as to not disturb the other flowers.
  5. Continue the process, deciding on the flow of the colors as you go. Have fun with it—there’s no right or wrong way!
  6. The flowers have no water source, so they will wilt with time. Avoid putting this up too far in advance for this reason.
  7. Step back and take stock of your design as you go!


Hang it up and enjoy!


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