This weekend it was a cool 80 degrees here in Texas, which had me dreaming of afternoons around the pool. While our boys are still pretty small for most pool floats, I couldn’t help but dream of how fun these four below were. Our oldest would love the ice cream cone float, and I’d feel comfortable plopping him on there with his life jacket on & me in tow. I can already see his little face laughing at how fun it would be!

  1. Ice Cream Cone float from Ban.do. Give us an actual ice cream cone while floating on this cute cone & we’d be set!
  2. This Sun float from Urban Outfitters is actually pretty huge. You could definitely fit a couple of bigger kiddos on it!
  3. Okay, we’re just going to call it: Ban.do has the very best pool floats out there this summer. This cutie heart shaped one is no exception.
  4. We told you Ban.do was the best. What goes perfectly with ice cream? Pizza, of course! This is starting to look like every little kid’s dream pool, isn’t it?

There are SO many fun (and funny)  floats these days - we definitely didn’t have these when I was kid! What do you guys think? Are you a fan of pool floats, and if so, have you found any good ones lately?

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