Gratitude. Reflection. These change everything.

Often we get so far along the path that it’s too easy to forget what we’ve passed by or dug out of or swam through to get here. But when we stop and when we reflect, everything is more beautiful, more meaningful, more special. We love this quote below at the MB headquarters. It’s a piercing reminder of where we’ve been, where we currently are and even where we still hope to be.

When I find myself being overwhelmed with things to do, I remember the house that I prayed for, the children I so desperately prayed and pray for, the friends on their knees in prayer right now, the family I know is praying down the street. How much we have to be grateful for!

As we just come off of Infertility Awareness week, this quote seems especially fitting.  What are you unconsciously taking advantage of today? What have you looked over in attempts to keep moving forward? Take a few moments this evening to practice gratitude. Reflect on what you’ve prayed for that you now have. It changes everything, we promise. Please feel free to print out this beautiful quote to hang somewhere you will see it often. We would absolutely love that. Or set the landscape version as your desktop background for a reminder that, hopefully, where you are now is where you only wished to be at one point in time.

We are grateful for all of you and wishing you all a beautiful week!

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