August 27, 2016 1 min read

Hello friends! How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? We hope you felt the love and appreciation of your family yesterday, and hoping that feeling carries you into a loving and fun week this week.

We wanted to highlight one of our most favorite blogs today,Alice and Lois. Are you familiar with them at all? The blog is crafted by two twin sisters and their posts are always genius. We really loved this DIY Birthday Countdown project, which the sisters say they start a month out from their little ones birthdays each year and count down each day until their special day arrives. How fun is that?!




We love the idea of customizing their black and white template a bit with paints and watercolors. This project is such a fun afternoon project to do with your kids, and a fun tradition to carry on each year! Head over totheir blog post to download the printable for yourself, and be sure to follow them over on Instagram for a dose of cheery projects daily!




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