May 07, 2016 1 min read

You may remember us talking about our oldest turning three recently and the ice cream birthday bash we were planning to throw him. Well, we have pictures! When we asked Cross what he wanted to do for his birthday he was all about the ice cream, in typical three year old fashion! 

We had a blast with friends and family and it was so fun to see Cross's little face light up all day long. We recently saw a client use of our Modern Burlap Swaddles as a tablecloth and thought that was GENIUS! What a smart idea! Cute and easy clean up? Could there be anything more perfect for a three year olds birthday party? ;) We used three of our Ice Cream Love swaddles as a runner down the center of the table and loved the way it turned out! 






Ice Cream Sunday bar! Can you spot our youngest passed out sleeping with his MB blanket?


As you can tell, it was quite the sugary and fun afternoon! Thank you to all of our friends and family who came out to help celebrate Cross turning three! It's hard to believe I have a three year old!

Have you ever used your MB swaddles or blankets as a tablecloths or in an unusual way? Let us know! It's so fun to hear how you guys make the blankets work perfectly for your lives!


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