Is there anything more true than this sweet quote? It’s the most charming way to basically say: be positive!

But really, it doesn’t take long to realize that joyful people are always the loveliest in the room and the most enjoyable to be around. With all that life throws at us, it’s difficult to remain positive and lovely all of the time, but I truly believe we could each better the world around us if we were all more positive and uplifting.

Today we want to challenge you: what is one way you can cause ‘sunbeams to shine out of your face?’ What is one thing you can do today that will create a more positive environment for your family and friends? Is it simply taking a breath when you find yourself getting frustrated? Would it be taking the time to cook your family's favorite meal, because you know it will make them smile? Or waking up twenty minutes earlier to make sure you get your devotional and quiet time in?

Let us know how you plan to create an environment of sunshine around you. We can all use encouragement and advice!

Modern Burlap


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