12 years of trying

12 years infertility nothing will be impossible with God Luke 1:37

“For nothing will be impossible with God” Luke 1:37

After 12 years of trying to get pregnant with multiple fertility treatments, multiple ivf attempts, strange diets and fasts, crazy supplements, lots of meditation and even more prayers, we finally have a NATURAL pregnancy!!!! 
One miracle ivf baby boy and 6 angel babies with our most recent coming last year as our very first natural pregnancy that sadly ended in a miscarriage. We had just finished another failed ivf attempt and decided we needed to stop and leave everything in God’s hands and come to grips with the reality of only having one biological child. 2 months later we were pregnant only to lose that angel a few months later. Going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, I didn’t know how I would come out of this with my sanity. So instead of losing myself in my grief yet again, I decided to look at this as a sign of hope sent from above. I held onto that sliver of hope and poured myself into a deeper relationship with God. Day by day I felt pieces of me coming back together but I was still missing one piece. Well God gave us that last piece in this second miracle baby! 
I am telling our story so that it can be a story of hope for anyone out there suffering from infertility and thinking that there is no solution. We were told it would never happen on our own. Well...they were wrong because this is on God’s time not ours. #miracleshappeneveryday #Godstimingisperfect #hopeforfertility #stillfeelslikeadream "
- Jessica D.


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