2017 Goals and Free Printables

2017, you have arrived in full force!

Can anyone else believe 2017 is here and we're already halfway through the first month of this new year?! Us either! 

Have y'all ever heard of nailing down a "word of the year" for yourselves instead of New Year's resolutions? This is a concept that was introduced to us a couple of years ago and it has absolutely changed how we approach goals, intentions, and wishes for the new year. 

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a "word of the year," then head to this post by My One Word, which explains the concept well and will help you come up with your own personal word for 2017!

We're aiming to be more intentional this year. More intentional with our time, our words, our actions, our thoughts, our goals, and our relationships. To remind us of the goals, places and adventures we aim to embark on this year, and our word of the year, we created this quick printable below. It's a fun, simple, and short fillable list to help keep you on track throughout the next year. We kept it simple in design, like most things we do, to stop the overwhelm of the new year, resolutions, and long list of goal setting that we often run into. Print a few copies out to keep on hand throughout the year and advise as needed! 

If you have bigger kiddos, this could be a fun project to do with them! 

Let us know what your word of the year is in the comments below. We can't wait to see what the next year holds for all of you!

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2017 Goals Free Printable by Modern Burlap


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