March 07, 2017 3 min read

As the type-A mama that I am, I have never even entertained the idea of not finding out what gender my babes were going to be before they came into this world.  I am a planner and I just liked the idea of knowing what is coming so I can mentally prepare myself for it.  Well, as much as one can mentally prepare themselves for motherhood!

However, I have had some friends who have decided not to find out the gender of their babies.  Even my husband (briefly) tried to convince me of the appeal.  So I guess I get why some people go that route.  But regardless of if you and your partner decide to find out the gender in advance, there are so many great gender neutral finds for baby out there these days, that it's really not that hard to find great stuff you will love either way!  And as much as I am a fan of knowing what's coming, I also try really hard not to pigeonhole my kids too much into gender stereotypes.  My son has a doll and my daughter plays with cars.  More often than not, I chose colors for their clothing that are very neutral, or even opposite of traditional gender-specific colors.  So, here are some of my favorite gender neutral finds that I can honestly say I would love to have (or do already have!) for either my boys or my girl.


1.// Rattan Baby Oxford by Zuzii // My daughter and I both have a couple of pairs of Zuzii's and they just started making these darling soft-soled baby version.  How stinkin' cute are these?!  I might have a tiny obsession with baby shoes in general.  The tinier, the better!

2.// Cascading Cloud Star Mobile by Baby Jives Co. // Baby Jives makes just the cutest little mobiles of every kind, perfect for baby's nursery.  And you can chose your colors (for this one, the stars) on many different models!

3.// Elephant Wooden Toy Box by Bannor Toys // Such a cute way to store all the toys you are sure to accumulate.  Bannor Toys also makes the original state rattles which make a great personal baby gift, even if you don't know the gender.

4.// Griege Beach Hoodie and Skinny Stripe Shorties by ChildHOODS // I personally have been obsessing over these hoodies and shorties since my daughter was born and this color combo could easily work for either a boy or a girl in sizes as tiny as 0-3 months.

5.// Wooden Play Gym by Finn + Emma //  I love the light birch color and removable organic toys that dangle from this sweet play gym.  It is offered in a variety of wood colors and toy options, most of which could be used for either gender.

6.// Triangles Organic Muslin Swaddle by Modern Burlap // Obviously, you will need a few of these, so stock up!  All the patterns are perfect for your modern babe.

7.// Camel Foster Cutie Clip by Ryan & Rose //  If your baby takes a paci, these cutie clips are a must!  My first babe did, but my second didn't.  I'm hoping #3 will because it can make life so much easier if they do!  So I recently picked up one of these cutie clips and a couple of these Nature Sutton all natural rubber pacifiers too.

If you are finding out gender, you can see more of my favorite baby finds for baby boy and baby girl in posts from my recent #babyredesigned series over on my blog, The Love Designed Life.


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