A story of hope

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"Hello, My name is Lymarie and I want to share my infertility story. I’ve been married for almost 9 years unable to conceive. We always wondered why we were not conceiving, but we were not in a rush to start a family. But time went by and I grew more worry. That’s when we decided to reach out for medical help. We started the process with an Fertility Clinic and found out that because of my irregular periods, I have very inconsistent ovulations. Which explains why I was unable to conceived. After 2 years of Fertility treatment my husband and I finally received our first positive pregnancy test. We couldn’t believe it, we were thrilled and so scared. We found out in July 2017 and we waited to say the big news after 1st trimester. Everything was going well until November 5th, 2017 when I had a second trimester miscarriage due to an incompetent cervix. We lost our baby girl and to be honest it was one of the hardest moments of our lives.  After waiting a couple of months to heal, doctors advice to wait more months before starting the treatment again. Who likes waiting? Not me! But I agreed and waited. What I didn’t know at that appointment is that I was already pregnant!!!! Yes 3 months after my loss, with any treatment my husband and I were pregnant with our rainbow baby. Unexpected and unplanned. A blessing in disguise! We are full of hope and taking all the measures needed to keep this baby safe. If you read this far, I really want to encourage you to not loose hope. Believe that He will do what He promised. Hope my story encourages you to trust and believe that it will happen for you too!  If you want to follow my journey add me on Instagram: fearless.lyma  Xoxo,  Lymarie"

(This is a picture of Lymarie's pregnancy reveal for her first pregnancy using her Modern Burlap. )


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