August 01, 2016 1 min read

Somehow we woke up this week and it was already August. HOW did that happen?! We remember being little kids and hearing our parents talk about “how fast time goes by.” We also remember rolling our eyes whenever they would talk about how fast time went, because if you asked us back then, time seemed to be the worst. Time seemed so slow. We can vividly remember waiting very impatiently for school to start back up in August. Summer seemed to stretch on forever, and while we loved summer more than any other season, we also couldn’t wait for school to start.

Now, as parents ourselves, we understand what our own parents meant by “time flies by.” Because somehow, here we are, and it’s August. We also now understand that rush and sense of chaos our parents always seemed to feel come August. With school starting again for many little kiddos, that also means the lazy days of summer are behind us and the days of events, school and play dates are upon us.

We thought this month’s calendar needed to whisper a little bit of encouragement to us each time we opened our computer or phone, hence our “Keep calm and just schedule on” mentality this month. Just break out those planners, schedule that thing down and keep calmly movin’ on, mama!

Feel free to download each image below to use as either (or both!) your computer or iphone backdrop this month!


Modern Burlap August Desktop Download

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