Sometime’s we could all use this gentle reminder to have more fun, right? We’re aiming to make the most of these sweet summer days while the temperatures are still warm and the evening light is still plenty. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, or in the sadness of the news and of this world, but we’re trying to remind ourselves to have some more fun. That means singing in the car in between allergy appointments (do anyone else’s littles suffer from any food allergies?!), taking more time to go on walks after dinner and to swim at the grandparents houses, spontaneous early pick ups from daycare to head to the water park. However we can fit in more fun this summer, and every day, we’re going to try our best to do it.

We created this simple reminder for you guys to print off and stick somewhere that you can see it on a daily basis. We hung ours up in the laundry room… I’ll definitely see it a lot in there! It would also be cute printed HUGE and hung in the play room or play area… A fitting space to remind ourselves to have more fun!

How are you having more fun this summer? We would love to hear and even steal your fun ideas!



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