Frozen Embryo Miracle

 frozen embryo miracle

"My husband, JT, and I had decided while we were still just dating that we would adopt. I’ve had a passion and desire for adoption for as long as I can remember, and my husband eagerly and excitedly agreed. Our plan, once we married in 2012, was to have two biological children and then adopt a child through the state’s foster care system. After a devastating miscarriage in 2013, we had our daughter Charlotte in 2014. We loved her so much, and we started trying for a second child before her first birthday, but a full year passed with no success. Unsure of whether to pursue medical tests or to instead switch gears and begin the journey to adoption, JT was offered a temporary job across the country that began almost immediately. Knowing that we couldn’t pursue adoption through a state we were not currently living in, we decided to put all adoption plans on hold until we returned home and continued trying for a second biological child. A few months after we moved to our temporary assignment, we had a conversation with my sister about embryo adoption. I had heard of embryo adoption before, but hadn’t done much research and hadn’t even talked to JT about it. We immediately started researching then, though, and both grew to have such a deep and emotional passion for these little-known babies in need of an opportunity for life. We felt very strongly that the Lord was pushing us towards this particular type of adoption, so we filed the paperwork almost immediately. It has been almost three years since we started trying for a sibling for Charlotte, and we still don’t know why we haven’t ever gotten pregnant again. But it has also been a year since we started our adoption journey, and we are now in the final stages of waiting for our doctor’s appointments for our Frozen Embryo Transfer. Oh what a beautiful thing this journey of waiting and patience and unknowns has been for us. It has been hard and very frustrating at times; I have had to learn over and over again that I am not in control. I am not in control of my ability to get pregnant, I am not in control of other people’s efficiency at filling out paperwork or responding to emails, I am not in control of the Lord’s timeline for our family. I want to be, but I am not. And He has made and continues to make everything good in HIS time, not mine. I ordered the snowflake swaddle from Modern Burlap in anticipation of our future “snowflake baby,” our little frozen embryo miracle who is waiting for us in storage right now, and I cannot wait to wrap him or her up in those beautiful little snowflakes that tell the story of our baby’s/babies’ adoption journey. (The picture attached is the one I used to announce that we had been matched with a donor family.)"
- Andrea M.


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