In the palm of His hand

in the palm of His hand

"With my firstborn I tried to get pregnant for 6 months with irregular periods. I was going in to have a testing done to figure out I was having irregular cycles. They made me do a pregnancy test before and it was positive! Then after my son was a little over a year old we were ready to have another baby perfectly spaced 2 years apart. Surprisingly we got pregnant right away and were thrilled! Then on January 7,2017 we had a miscarriage. I was devastated. We bought a modern burlap blanket that says God has you in the palm of his hand to rememer the baby and to hopefully place another baby in it someday. I again had irregular periods after the miscarriage but one day I had a positive pregnancy test! Our rainbow baby Kate was born one year and one day after our miscarriage on January 8,2018!"
- Lauren B.

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