Our newest swaddle blanket is one that is near and dear to our hearts. It is a particular blanket that so many of you have been specifically asking for. It represents hope, all of our (my family's and yours) faith, and God's promise.


It is a humbling honor to announce our Rainbow swaddle blanket, in honor of all of the beautiful rainbow babies out there.


Rainbow Baby


After every storm, there is a rainbow 🌈 The 3 bold, black arcs that make up this beautiful rainbow were designed with purpose and love representing our losses. After the pain and tears, God gave us something beautiful. 2 (soon to be 3) beautiful babies! The rainbow blanket is a celebration of joy, brightness, and light after loss. It's a symbol of hope after infertility, child loss or miscarriage. Collectively, our family hopes that photos with this blanket bring peace, comfort and support to those who need it. We can't wait to spread hope and love and joy in such a beautiful way with you.



Rainbow Baby - Modern Burlap Rainbow Blanket



Rainbow Babies - How to honor infant loss and rainbow babies


We have heard so many stories from the Modern Burlap community about infertility, loss, and stillbirths. Each story truly breaks our hearts. But then we often hear later on from the same families about their beautiful rainbow babies. Each story breaks our hearts again, but this time with joy and a renewed sense of faith and purpose, knowing that God fulfilled your dreams and your family. We hope and pray this keepsake blanket is a way for you to honor all of your babies.


Modern Burlap

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  • kimberly: October 12, 2016

    I love this idea! and I love the message of the rainbow. But can you also tell this desert mama where you purchased that cactus rug?!?!?!

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