July 18, 2016 3 min read

One of the biggest and most unexpected blessings we have experienced since launching Modern Burlap has been the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded and incredible brands that we have always respected and admired.


Our latest collaboration swaddle is no exception. Last week we announced the launch of a limited edition swaddle for Little Standout. Little Standout has long been a company we have bought from and loved in our own home and with our own little family. These 100% silicone teethers in fun and modern figures and colors make us smile each time we see them. Staci, the founder and owner of Little Standout, explains the inspiration behind her brand: "Starting with creatively driven drawings, Staci began producing a variety of designs that represent adult passions and interests, with the hope that parents could bond over things other than diaper changes and sleep schedules."


We would say she has suceeded! One of Little Standout's most popular teethers is their infamous hashtag teether. Seeing as how the #hashtag is a part of our modern daily life now, we thought it would be perfect to collaborate on a limited edition hashtag swaddle! 



Modern Burlap for Little Standout Hashtag Swaddle



Modern Burlap for Little Standout Hashtag Swaddle



This fun new print can be purchased RIGHT HERE over on the Little Standout website and is sold exclusively through Little Standout. We are so excited for this opportunity and encourage you to support one of our favorite brands! And don't miss our exclusive interview with Staci below. Her dream day sounds SO fun!!


Modern Burlap for Little Standout Hashtag Swaddle


Modern Burlap for Little Standout Hashtag Swaddle




What is your philosophy for life? - Leave the world a better place than I found it, there's always something positive you can do to enhance the world around you.


What inspired Little Standout? - After working in the organic and natural children's product industry for many years I saw that there was a lack of well designed products that were relatable to parents of my generation. I wanted to create a product line that engaged the parts of peoples' personalities that they could share with their kids. It was extremely important for me to create toys that are safe, so all of our teethers are made with 100% FDA approved silicone and are tested here in the USA to comply with all relevant safety standards. 
How do you "take time for yourself" and what does that look like? - Taking time for myself means hopping on a plane and flying across the country to spend time with my nieces. This is hardly "me time", but I can't think of a better way to spend a few days than with them and their laughter.
Best advice you've ever been given? - Travel often: There's so much in the world to learn about and experience. I have made traveling one of the top priorities in my life, and I'm lucky to have found a partner who also values travel as much as I do! 
Describe your dream day. - My dream day starts when the sun rises. I love watching the sun come up from the faraway, yet close enough to see from my rooftop, Olympic mountains.  I'm from Florida, so anything above sea level is quite magical to me, especially if there is snow on it!  After breakfast at one of our local spots, my husband and I pack a zip-car up with our diving gear and head out to the Puget Sound for a couple of dives. Here's where the dream part kicks in... On our dive we are met with 3 seals that want to swim and play with us underwater, and if I'm really dreaming hard, an Orca pod would swim by us and play in our bubbles. After diving we would warm up to hot tea and a fire and end the day by sharing a meal with friends. We live far from our families, but are truly blessed in finding friends who are like family out here in Seattle.

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