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We're back with another incredible Mama Interview!

This week we are thrilled to feature our adorable friend Rachel of Rags to Raches. Rachel is the talented mama and business owner behind the wildly popular romper line we all adore so much. As a business owner, mama to three boys and wife to a supportive and encouraging husband, Rachel is nothing short of super busy! We have admired her for a long time and are humbled and honored that she took the time to talk with us about everything from her philosophy as a mama to the go-to snack for her kiddos.


Rachel - Rags to Raches


We hope you enjoy her interview with us below and if you have yet to hear of Rags to Raches, go check out her adorable clothing line immediately... Right after you read her interview, of course!



Rags to Raches



What is your philosophy as a mama?  - I don't know if I have a philosophy.  Maybe I do.  I guess my biggest focus is on how my kids feel when they are around me.  Do they know that I LOVE them unconditionally?  Do they know that they can DO ANYTHING if they set their minds to it? Do they realize how much I think about them?  I am always so vocal in how I feel about them.  I believe that confidence is a huge factor in the way we guide and direct our children's lives.  I want mine to believe that they are unbelievable.  That I love them NO MATTER what.  I am SO PROUD.  Obviously I am not perfect and that guilt can really wear you down, but at the end of the day, I feel if my kids know that they are SO LOVED and confident with themselves, I count that as a major success.





Rags to Raches



What has been your biggest challenge as a mama lately? - Working.  Being away from my kids.  They are so little and WANT to be around me.  One of these days they are going to grow up and choose friends over Mom.  I want to be there for them when they want me there.  It is such a battle.  I have really really tried to prioritize what I do so that I can spend more time with them.  If it means to hire more help and spend a little more on the business, then that is what I will do.  After all, that could never be a bad decision.  I respect working moms.  It is not easy.  



How do you "take time for yourself" and what does that look like? - I think taking time for yourself is a MUST do.  It is hard when you are always away working because you want to spend every free minute with your family, but eventually you will crack.  I actually have a pretty good thing going.  I got on a CO-ED indoor soccer team and play once a week.  The games are late enough that I can get my kids to bed and go play. My family also is really into mountain biking.  We like to take our kids up with friends and run shuttles.  Kids play at the pump track while the husbands and wife's take turns riding.  Super lucky to have great friends who enjoy the same hobbies.  It is super important to get a release at least once a week.  It makes me a better Mom and Boss. 

Rags to Raches Modern Burlap Interview

Best advice you've ever been given on motherhood? -
Don't be so hard on yourself.  No one
really knows what they are doing.  -- I think if you keep that perspective life as a parent will be a lot less stressful.  With social media and everything surrounding us, it can get overwhelming when all you see is highlight reels. Everyone is hustling and everyone has their battles.  Celebrate the triumphs and learn from your battles.  It is a good thing kids are so resilient and unconditional.  :)

Favorite snack idea for little ones? - Pfft.  Hot dogs and Mac and Cheese?  Duh. :) 


Rags to Raches Modern Burlap Interview



Describe your dream family day. -  Outdoors all day. Dirty faces, sticky hands, and gut laughs sounds like the perfect family day


Do you have any favorite mama blogs you read? -  Honestly, I don't really have time to follow blogs these days.  I do remember loving Stephanie Nielsens blog.  NieNie Dialogues.  She was such an inspiration of how I wanted to be as a mother. 



Rags to Raches Modern Burlap Interview



What are your must-have items from ages 0 - 1? - Diapers :) Kidding. Some good swaddle blankets, A swing, Bumbo, I think Dock-a-tot is a must have (I didn't have one because they came out when my baby was too old), Bibdanans, Solly wrap and lots and lots of rompers ;).


Do you have any go-to baby shower gifts? - The romper seems to be a hit, either that or people are just being nice. :)  I always love to give a good swadle blanket and teether as well.  



Rags to Raches Modern Burlap Interview

Thank you so much, Rachel! xo!


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