Hi Modern Burlap family! Today we are so excited to introduce you to a new feature on the Modern Burlap blog: MAMA INTERVIEWS! Every couple of weeks or so, we will be highlighting a sweet mama and her family. We hope to introduce you to several new mama owned companies you may not have heard about yet. Through a little Q&A session with each rockstar mama, we hope you’ll feel encouraged as a mother, wife, and friend.


First up is the ADORABLE Sara Garza out of Dallas, Texas. Sara is the talented photographer behind MAMA LOVE, photography aimed at celebrating you in your motherhood journey, wherever that may be. She’s also the owner of The Wilde House, which is probably THE most incredible airbnb we have ever seen. Sara was sweet enough to answer some questions we had, below, and we are thrilled to feature her today! Read on to find out how this adorable mama and business owner takes time for herself & what her dream family day is.






What is your philosophy as a mama? - “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” - I read this somewhere at the beginning of motherhood, and it struck something in me that I won’t forget. Self-care is so important as a mom! Even when Ezra was six months old, I would guiltily think, “I don’t need to be away from him for long. He needs me.” Luckily, I have a husband that can quickly see when I am not taking care of myself and pushes me to go out and take time to myself, to get my nails done, to go drink coffee somewhere, and he would make me to do that. Once I did it a few times, I realized how much healthier I felt and more like myself! Ezra doesn’t need me to be by his side all the time - he needs a mom who understands how important it is to stay healthy.



What has been your biggest challenge as a mama lately? - I think a struggle that I continue to fight is remembering that my identity is not found in being a mother. It’s not found in my job, it’s not found in my possessions, it’s not found in my instagram followers…I am first and foremost a child of God. I struggled with depression during pregnancy, and after I had Ezra, I continuously struggled to find ‘who I was’ again after not feeling like myself while I was pregnant and then devoting so much of myself to being a mom. When I remember who I have been created to be, it gives me the freedom to fulfill all of my roles but not letting them define me.

How do you "take time for yourself" and what does that look like? - My husband has a day a week that he keeps Ezra and I get to get out of the house all day. I like to meet up with my friends at our neighborhood coffee shop to get some social time in without having to keep up with the babe. After that, I’ll go run errands or get my nails done, maybe shop a little and eat lunch by myself. I’ll go read a book somewhere with a  glass of wine. Taking time for myself can look like a lot of different things - my goal is just to feel like I can escape for a few hours.


Best advice you've ever been given on motherhood? - Have 2 or 3 mama friend that you value their opinion and listen to them. Everyone is going to try to give you advice (like me, now), and you can throw it all out if you want to. Do what feels right to you, and if you need help, go to those you trust.


Describe your dream family day: My dream family day would be any kind of adventure we can go on together, preferably outdoors! We love to travel and have taken Ezra a few places and those are always my favorite days - when we are still doing what we loved to do before, but now we have this little joyful baby we get to bring along with us.

What are your must have items from ages 0 - 1? A few Wub-A-Nubs, my breast pump, & red wine. :)



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