My dream

twins wrapped in XO swaddlesfearfully and wonderfully made
"I would love to know that our journey may help to give others hope and more fight to keep going. Below is what I can share: Life is but a dream…My dream has always been to be a mother and somehow...I'm not sure how, I just knew we'd struggle to become pregnant. I distinctly remember saying that to my husband just a few months into trying. There was no reason to have thought so. I had no known health issues and my mother had all 3 of her children in her teens and twenties. I was in my late 20’s before we felt ready and financially responsible enough to grow our family. My husband, and high school sweetheart, and I spent a year trying to get pregnant on our own with the help of ovulation tests, followed by multiple fertility doctors, several IUI attempts, a discovery of endometriosis (non-symptomatic), and not ONE positive test in all of our attempts 2 years into our journey. We were diagnosed, largely, with unexplained infertility. We watched in anticipation, as many of our friends got pregnant. We were happy for them…and jealous. We cried. We prayed. We continued on, not giving up on our dream. Testing, injections, egg retrievals, lost embryos, embryo transfers, tears, grief, and hope filled our lives. Infertility was all consuming. We contemplated and researched adoption, both domestic and international. Two failed IVF attempts tested us before, finally, a healthy pregnancy and birth of our miracle baby, Owen. Our dreams came true in a tiny baby boy born with cleft lip and palate. We saw him through surgeries and smiles in his first year. It was tough, but we knew we wanted to give him a sibling and so our IVF journey continued, as we didn't have any frozen embryos from any prior attempt. We suffered a devastating ectopic pregnancy and battled with what to do next. I knew I had it in me to try once more and the twins we'd always dreamed of (really!) helped to complete our family. Our boy/girl twins, our rainbow babies, are now 2 years old. They are perfect in every way. Our son & boy twin was also born with cleft lip and palate, just like his big brother. He, too, has endured surgeries to repair his cleft. While twins were challenging, twins and special feeding needs and surgeries were more a challenge than most face. Our boys are so strong. We are so proud of them and hope images like these help others to see there is beauty in the journey and in all the ways we are made different. We purchased these swaddles before the twins were born. They came to the hospital with us. We decorated a black and white nursery inspired by these swaddles and other things we’d collected as we awaited their arrival. They were part of our dream and our journey that we celebrated and documented with these photos taken by our talented photographer. We couldn’t be more proud of our hard work, our miracle babies. We feel so very blessed."
- Amy Abernathy
Photo credit to Anna Marie Photography
Our black and white nursery was featured on Hallmark's Think.Make.Share blog.
I am an art director at Hallmark and was thrilled to show off our nest we'd prepared for our sweet babies.


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