Let’s face it: most of us want a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. We’re pretty big fans of converting traditional bags and purses into stylish bags for holding all of our little ones things, which can feel like the contents of our entire household at times.

We love each of these bags below for passing the cute but functional test. How do you all like your diaper bags? Do you go the traditional route or do you like to switch it up with bags similar to the ones below?





  1. We love this cute leopard shopper bag from Darling Clementine. It’s the perfect size and is comfy on our shoulders, even when loaded down. Plus those adorable leopard spots are also good at hiding dirt. ;)
  2. When we need all hands free and know we won’t need too many items or supplies from home, we instantly grab a cute backpack and this one from Urban Outfitters fits the bill perfectly.
  3. You can never go wrong with this black Baggu number. We love that we can throw almost everything into it and it seems to expand juuuust enough each time. The black goes with everything and we just have to say, every single Modern Burlap swaddle looks perfect in it!
  4. If we’re going somewhere where we need to be a little bit less casual we take this gold metallic tote from Nordstroms. Again, it can fit pretty much everything we need without anything spilling out, and it has a removable zipper pouch inside to keep the important items safe. Bonus: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is about to begin this week!


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