With Summer comes a multitude of parties and get togethers with friends and family, not to mention weekend trips to friends’ lake or beach houses and trips to different family members houses throughout the summer. It seems like we’re always at one party or another! We usually like to try and bring something small to each host or hostess that has us over to show our appreciation and how much we enjoy their hospitality and company. If we know we’re going to be somewhere for a few days or if we’ll be guests at any BBQ’s or houses more than once over the summer, then we love these gifts below. They’re a fun way to celebrate summer together and to show the sweet host family  just how much we love them!


  1. Perfect for outdoor dinners and BBQ’s, these glasses are a perfect little gift! And there’s a bonus: they’re plastic!
  2. These classic ice cream cone popsicle molds are always a gift that the kids get excited about whenever we gift it to the family. It’s a fun one to give and receive!
  3. Have you seen this watermelon float floating (no pun intended) around the internet or on Instagram lately? If so, there’s a good reason! It’s HUGE and SO comfortable! Pick this cute gift up at Target the next time you’re heading to someone’s lake or beach house. They’ll love it!
  4. At the perfect price point, we love to give this planter to all of our friends, whether it’s summer or not. But it looks especially cute when paired with a succulent or other summery plant or flower. Pick up a few up at a time and keep them on hand for whenever you need a cute gift for any occasion!
  5. If you haven’t heard of Table Topics yet, then get ready! We absolutely love this card game set, which comes in different editions, such as ‘Girls Night,’ ‘Couples,’ ‘Teen,’ and ‘Family Gathering,’ like this one. Each card holds a question that each person playing is supposed to answer, or you could take turns answering different questions. It’s a fun way to get your kids talking and is perfect for evenings around the campfire or after dinner around the couch. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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