June 13, 2017 1 min read

Oh, summer. You’re a blast and you’re exciting and you’re full of fun. But you’re also a little bit tiring for us mamas sometimes! Lately I’ve been looking for a few fun summer projects to do indoors on these crazy hot afternoons. I came across the few below and am excited about each one! A few are more suitable for older kiddos, but can definitely be enjoyed by the toddlers too.

Do you have any favorite DIY projects for these long, hot summer afternoons? Tell us in the comments below!




  1. ThisDIY art pillow project is so fun. I love the fact that the kids get to witness their own art being turned into an actual physical product that they can have forever.
  2. Make use of those old wine corks you have lying around and turn them intoanimal puppets! This would be a good afternoon project for the little kids.
  3. We like the idea of spending an afternoon making gifts for those we love.This ‘Love You’ project is meant to be fridge magnet, but you could also make it into a simple stuffed token, too!
  4. DIY racecars, yes please! I can already see my oldest boy loving this!
  5. This may be my favorite project, because it’s so simple and reminds me of my own childhood. Who hasn’tpainted stones before?! You Clever Monkey has several incredible examples of stones painted in different styles and ways and I love each of them!

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