Our hallelujah

"After several trips to Nashville in a years time, we had started to think that maybe we were not pregnant for a reason and that we were being called to move to Nashville. We prayed hard that God would open or close doors if something was not meant to be. After deciding to make the move to Nashville, my husband and I agreed that the only thing that would keep us in Chicago is if we got pregnant, but if we got pregnant once we moved we had decided that we would start our family in Nashville. About one week after deciding we were going to move and also the weekend before leaving to Nashville to look at homes (and after already having had 2 negative pregnancy tests in the previous 2 weeks) we had our positive. We returned from our 3rd trip to Nashville a week after our positive test without looking at any homes as planned, and we had our first doctor appointment scheduled for the following day. Our first appointment did not go as we had hoped and we were told we had to return to see our doctor for another ultrasound and labs that same week due to no signs of a baby. Even though the hCG levels were rising as expected we were told that most likely we were either having an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage, and there was little hope for the baby. After an ER visit which included the 3rd ultrasound in a week's time we were informed that whatever was on the ovary was now gone and it was not an ectopic pregnancy, but it also most likely was not a viable pregnancy as our hCG level was almost 11,000 and there was still no sign of the baby and what looked to be an empty yolk sac.  We were told that I would be admitted and most likely would have a D&C the next day. We decided to check out AMA which is something we normally would never do especially being a nurse myself. But our God is Big and likes small odds because only a couple days later on Halloween our little Boo Bear showed up with that little heart beating and has continued to grow strong since and he will be celebrating his first birthday in June! Every moment with him is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Liam will always be our hallelujah ❤"
- Kelly H.


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