Our little fighter

God knew my heart needed you
"After two miscarriages, we made the decision to see a fertility doctor. The first fertility doctor we went to gave us a death sentence. I had less than a one percent chance of getting pregnant naturally. They gave us the cost information for IUI and IVF, as well as the contact info for lending companies.  We were told to contact them when we had the money and were ready to proceed. I left their office sobbing, vowing to never return. 
A few months later, we were referred to a fertility doctor in LA. After our initial consultation with her, I was put at ease. I was less stressed and open to her suggestions for us. One short month later, unbeknownst to us, we conceived. It wasn’t until we were about to head down to LA for me to have a procedure done, that our nurse called to tell us three words I’d been longing to hear; I was pregnant!! We were expecting! We continued visits to their office during the first trimester. 
Once we found out that we were having a boy, the hard part ensued: deciding on a name. From the beginning, Danny wanted to name him Rocky. Never having seen the movies, I couldn’t imagine naming our son after a character in a movie. However, I would compromise on Rocco. Danny proceeded to tell me the movie’s storyline. That Rocky had a million to one shot to beat various opponents... Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, etc. Rocky was always the underdog. Danny thought our situation paralleled the movie; the odds were against us in getting pregnant. We had a million to one shot in conceiving naturally. But it happened. And here we are, holding our sweet boy Rocco. His newborn photo shoot did not go as planned. He was wide awake at the end of it. That is when Jill got these shots of him looking like a boxer, ready to throw a punch. Our little underdog. Rocco is our fighter. 💙"
- Marti P.


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