August 23, 2016 1 min read

Happy September, Modern Burlap family!


Does it feel like fall yet where any of you guys live? It probably goes without saying, but it's still a scorcher down here in Texas. We're ready for Fall though and are trying to usher it in as quickly as we can at our house. The boys and I planted a pumpkin patch the other day.. Or at least we tried! We'll let y'all know if we actually get any pumpkins in a few weeks or not!



Modern Burlap Free Printable - Stay True



We love the saying "stay true" and try to remember it and live it out in everything we do. Whether that's in raising the boys, running Modern Burlap, or in our relationships with friends and family, we try to always remember what is "true" to us and live by that. For us that means our faith, our values, and our family, among others. How do you "stay true" to yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?


We wanted to share one of our favorite sayings with you by creating this free printable! Simply right click, download, and print out the below printable. Then frame it or tack it up in your house or office. Don't forget to share photos of how you use the #staytrueprint on Instagram with us!


Modern Burlap


Modern Burlap Free Printable - Stay True

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