The journey was long

God knew my heart needed you PCOS infertility

"I met my husband summer of 2013, and we new immediately that we would get married. During our engagement i went to the doctor because my birth control seemed off. (I had issues before having painful heavy periods for weeks on end, then no periods for months) i finally demanded more test and blood work and got some results that i was so afraid of. Pcos, the nurse called me and said. That was it, no explanation or anything. So i jumped on google and “infertility” was the diagnosis. We got married the next year and decided that we wanted to try for a family immediately knowing it would take some time. 1st year, our OB wanted us to get tests done, but try unmedicated, 2nd year we tried countless rounds of clomid and fermara, tests like the HCG, and his sperm test, but eventually i needed a break. We took a few months off that year (and hosted an exchange student.... so fun!!) and tried to take our minds off the month to month pain. January year 3 we finally saw a fertility specialist. She said 'okay Amy, i have a game plan and next period we will start.' Little did we know next period wouldn’t come until June! I started using essential oils in May, and with the help of those more ovulation medications, a trigger shot, and timed intercourse (and the grace of God) we fell pregnant in late July. I found out on August 8th, and we welcome our perfect baby boy April 12,2018. The journey was long and i wanted to give up so many times, thankfully my husband always saw the light at the end and kept pushing me. It was the best thing we ever waited for. "

- Amy


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