October 11, 2017 1 min read

The world is heavy lately, huh guys? Specifically speaking, last week was a hard week for this country. But not only that, it was also a difficult week for a few friends of the MB family. We help the entire world, country, and friends and families in our thoughts and prayers last week, and continue to do so daily.

It’s so easy to become discouraged, or feel hopeless and helpless, when horrible things happen. Yet we keep our heart focused on the One who moves mountains, who cures diseases and creates miracles, we do not lose our hope or our faith, for we know the Maker of Heaven and Earth.


Modern Burlap Free Scripture Printable

We wanted to create a little printable that we could keep near us at all times to remind us of where our hope comes from. Even in the midst of horrible times and unimaginable events, we lift our eyes to the mountains and we pray with hope and with great expectations.

Feel free to print this printable off and hang it where you’ll see it often. Praying for peace and comfort and hope.

Modern Burlap

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