For today's weekly bout of Wednesday Inspiration we're choosing to focus on fatherhood today. 

With Father's Day right around the corner, fatherhood has been on our minds a lot this month. We've been thinking about what makes a father a good father, and obviously it varies family to family and we all have our own opinions and ideas. But we believe at the core of an amazing father and any healthy relationship between the father and children is an abundance of love, acceptance, support and friendship. 
For our father's to support, encourage, and guide our children from a source of pure love is a beautiful thing, and one that we hope to encourage daily. We want to know though, what does an incredible father look like to you and your family? From the tiny details to the big, we want to know! Let's open up the conversation around fatherhood today. 

And, of course, please feel free to print out the below quote for your walls or fridge or a frame in your house. We think it would be so sweet in a little frame for dads desk this Father's Day!

Modern Burlap


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