As Thanksgiving draws closer, we want to take a moment to really reflect on what this season is about.


It's not about the sales or the deals or the emails or the food, or anything like that. It's about the gathering. The gathering of our friends and our families and all of those that we care about and love.


It's a moment to step aside, a moment to sit down with each other and catch our breaths together. The year has been hard and fast and busy. It's had seasons of growth and of fun and of adventure, seasons of excitement and nervousness, seasons of pure joy and wonder. But now it's time to embrace this season of calm, a season of thankfulness and rest. As we enter into Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., let's try to embrace the next six weeks of this year. Let's enter into them with a renewed spirit; one of thankfulness, one of peace, and one of reflection.


Whatever your Thanksgiving looks like this year, we encourage you to think about what all you are truly grateful for beyond your family, health, and safety. There are so many things to be thankful for, and gratitude changes everything. We created the below card for you to download & print out. You can write down everything that you are thankful for this year in the blank space below or you can treat it as a greeting card and send it to someone you are thankful to have in your lives. However you use it, we hope you enjoy it! 


This goes without saying, but we are SO thankful for you. Thank you for continuing to support Modern Burlap! 




FREE Modern Burlap printable card - I am grateful for





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