4 gifts that teachers + support staff ACTUALLY want

4 Gifts teachers actually want

While it's always the thought that counts when gift giving, it's safe to say teachers + support  staff get a lot of soaps, lotions, chapsticks, coffee mugs, etc. Let's break the mold and give teachers + support staff gifts they ACTUALLY want!  

Here are a few ideas

Bless those teacher hearts! 

Don't overlook a simple + heartfelt thank you LETTER!

Give the gift of CHOICE with a Gift Card to your favorite local spot or small business!There's something special about sharing + shopping small through gift giving!

Give the gift of their favorite food or drink or a gift card to use when they're ready! I love giving gift cards to our local Farm To Market Produce Company - a spot we grace often!

Give a gift for the classroom - think about ESSENTIALS or year round classroom DECOR!My sister-in-law let my niece pick out her favorite Modern Burlap to gift to her teacher!It's now hanging pretty in their reading corner!

What are your go-to gifts for teachers + support staff?  Share YOUR ideas in the comments!



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