About Us


I’m a small-town Texas designer + mama to 3 boys: Cross (5), Rush (3), and Armor (1) - pictured!

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Jacoby, who is my right hand man, fork lift operator, warehouse guru + more around his full time job. 

Our family lives on a small farm, in our charming little hometown of Bellville, Texas. Population 4,000ish.

We enjoy small town living with an easy commute to the city. We are 1 hour from Houston and 2 hours from Austin.

Our goals are to be good people, raise our babes to be all things good and true, spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and help others every chance that we get.

I believe that a pretty home is nice and so is beautiful design, but it's the heart behind it all that I care about the most.

Our family is so grateful you are here, and we hope you love what we've created!


About Modern Burlap