Meet Krista

It has been such a blessing to start growing our Modern Burlap team this summer.


This is Krista Goebel - my new assistant and right hand lady for all things Modern Burlap. She has been our family photographer for years, and she shot Modern Burlap's very first photo shoot almost 4 years ago! I am so excited to call her Modern Burlap's first full time employee!

Krista lives in a farmhouse right across town with her 2 daughters, Avery and Harper, and her Husband, Jordan.


I asked Krista to share a few fun facts about herself with the Modern Burlap family,

and here's what she wanted to pass along:

- She self - taught her photography passion with lots of research and trial and error.

After the birth of her oldest love, Avery, she wanted to document special memories and have photos to pass along to her girls and the whole family. 

- She's a lover of chips and salsa, old fashioned wood burning fireplaces, kindness + manners, and decorating for the holidays!

- She is a DIY'er at its finest. She loves to create spaces and projects for her home and photography. She isn't afraid to throw on some old clothes and get down to business with a paint brush or spray can. 

- She has a soft spot for most things black + white, including her family's two beagles - Rookie and Mabel.

She loves to wear black and white and all shades of gray in between.

Her home is primarily black and white, and she can't resist a good black and white photograph either.

I told her she'll have to give you a tour of her farmhouse here soon, and you are going to swoon! So stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

Until then, join me in welcoming Krista to the Modern Burlap family!





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