New Made in LA Tee Launch

4 new made in LA t-shirt designs were just added to the site

They come sizes 12 months to Adult 2XL + short sleeve and long sleeve options

Read more about the heart behind each tee below

Use code: BRANDNEW for $5 off each new tee through Oct. 8 at 11:59pm CST

Here's the heart behind the new tee designs...

This tee goes out to Eva Sherbondy. I believe our God is a God of miracles, and I've been praying circles around this precious little girl and believing in miracles for her for over a month.

100% of proceeds from all of the I believe in miracles tees sold will go to @dugansherbondy + as we continue praying alongside them and encourage them to continue believing in miracles for their daughter, Eva. ❤️⠀


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Run with endurance⠀
💪🏽 ⠀

This new tee is a favorite of mine. I designed it for my middle little over a year ago to encourage him to run with endurance the race God set before him as he grows and makes sense of his peanut allergy. I’ve turned to the wisdom shared in Hebrews time and time again, and I hope my children do too. ⠀

After numerous requests for this tee from my personal account when I shared our family’s tee in a hero walk we did for Rush this time last year, here it is. I hope this tee (and the verse on it) encourages you to stand firm and persevere in your faith even in times of trial just as it has for our family.⠀

Thanks @kgoebelphotography for this photo!
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We talk about the good ol' days past tense so often.

Let's celebrate the good ol' days happening right now and remind one another (and ourselves) to soak up every moment and every memory happening right now since these are the days we will one day look back on.

Thanks @kgoebelphotography for this photo as well.

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This tee goes out to all the mamas in our community.

Motherhood is hard, but you're doing great! 

I wish I could have told childhood Samantha that mama knows best, and I wish I could have reminded my mama these words back in the thick of things raising 6 kids.

Starting in size 12 months, my boys will be sporting this tee in the child version right alongside me.

This one goes out to all the mamas with 2 year olds, 4 year olds, and 6 year olds like me. This one goes beyond that to all the mamas with young children and older children too. Don't doubt yourself for one moment. You're the only mama your children will ever know, and you are doing the best you know how for your children.

Keep your own head up, and lift up other mamas every chance that you get.

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Thank you for your continued support of Modern Burlap that allows me to create new items to share! I'm truly so glad you're here!

Don't forget to use code: BRANDNEW for $5 off each new tee through Oct. 8 at 11:59pm CST

God bless you today and always!


Samantha Lischka

Mama Behind Modern Burlap

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