Why black and white?

Research shows that the best way to stimulate baby’s vision, especially 0-4 months, is by using black and white patterns or high contrast patterns. Since black and white is 100% high contrast, it's the color combination we stand behind.

Research shows young babies might as well be blindfolded when they are surrounded by pastels.  Alternatively, black and white patterns register powerfully on baby’s retina, and they send the strongest visual signals to baby’s brain. Stronger signals enhance baby’s vision and stimulate brain development.

Surround babies with black and white, and watch their eyes light up!

Mothering an infant and 2 toddlers, our black and white patterns are tried and true in our own home. While research shows the benefits of black and white for ages 0-4 months in particular, I personally believe children may benefit from high contrast designs beyond that timeframe. At 4 months, 2 years old, and 4 years old, my children remain captivated by black and white patterns. They've held their attention longer than pastel and primary color patterns and noticeably encouraged learning in our home. Many of our customers have voiced similar observations with older infants and children.  We encourage customers to share feedback always, because we truly want our line to be the best for baby and child!

Why organic cotton muslin?

As a mother of 2 under 2, I want the best and safest products for my babies. In my eyes, that's organic cotton muslin!  The craftsmanship and versatility of this fabric make it my go-to for baby, child, and family. We’ve all been asked what we’d take on a deserted island, and I can honestly say organic cotton muslin would be at the top of my list.  Here are just a few reasons why this fabric is so premiere:
1. BREATHABLE! Our organic cotton muslin is made with an open-weave structure that is lightweight, airy, and breathable. Whether you are using our organic cotton muslin blankets as a nursing cover, swaddle blanket, lovey, towel, or part of a DIY tent, you can rest assured that the fabric's breathability will reduce baby's risk of overheating and yield a safe environment!

2. HIGHLY ABSORBENT! Our organic cotton muslin's open-weave design means superior, faster absorbency and fluid retention compared to rayon, synthetics, and cotton blends. It washes easily and dries quickly too!

3. INCREASED COMFORT AND SOFTNESS! The more you wash it, the softer it becomes!

4. ECO-FRIENDLY! 100% certified organic cotton muslin is an eco-friendly fabric since the organic cotton is grown in an environment where no pesticides, chemicals fertilizers, or herbicides have been used for a minimum of three years. The fabric is safe for the environment and safe for your home.

5. ENDLESS MULTI-USE! Our organic cotton muslin is a do all. I've seen customers use it as as a swaddle, receiving blanket, lovey, burp cloth, nursing cover, playmat, car seat cover, stroller cover, lightweight sunshield, scarf, belt, hair turban, beach sarong, towel, table cloth, wall tapestry, sling, bandage or tourniquet, flour sack, kitchen strainer, and more! Did any of those surprise you? Some of the uses surprised me too, but now I know organic cotton muslin is the premiere fabric for multi-use!

6. REGULATES TEMPERATURE! The breathable muslin fabric regulates temperature so well, so it is consistently warm and cozy for your little one! During the coldest winter months, it stays warm. During the hottest summer months, it stays cool.